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Yes, we write code.  Our skills cover everything from custom workstation applications, to full scaleable network implementations.  All we need is an outline of what you want to create, and we will work with you to develop a complete solution.   Although our specialty is MS Windows NT, we have associated resources to develop of UNIX as well.  We enjoy challenges, and give realistic development timelines making our solutions cost effective.


bulletWe're small, so we can give your projects the attention they deserve.
bulletWe have in house and outside resources that have a complementary working relationship meaning more quality experience for your project.
bulletWorking with the Midnight Engineers means that you work with the actual authors of the software, revisions and corrections due to communication errors are minimized that way.   This gives you a faster time to market or implementation.


Visual Basic
Full front end application development friendly to the end users.
Visual C++
Solid back end and system / server code.
Custom UNIX Server software to maximize the strengths of the Unix environment.

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Mailing Address: 2009 Bodega Ave
Petaluma, CA 94952
Telephone Voice: 707 235-9365
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