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Midnight Engineers, What?

Tough Problems........                                                                                                                       Late Nights and Large Cups of Coffee.....                                                                                                                                                The Glow of Computer Monitors and Clicks of the keyboards....                                                      Figures in Dim Lit Rooms Writing in Languages Spoken Aloud only by Machines...                            Is this what people think Midnight Engineers are?                                       They May be Right.

When a client chooses the Midnight Engineers, they can be assured that by the end of the contract they will have useful:

bullethardware equipment
bulletsoftware packages
bulletcomputer system designs

Our primary focus is to deliver a solution that works effectively for you, the customer!

Midnight Engineers, Who?

Dave Sherry - Resource Coordinator and Network Specialist.   He is the one to call when you need that hardware miracle overnight express.  Schooled in Electronic Engineering in the U.S. Navy, with 29 years of computer hardware and software experience, he is the Physical Site System Engineer/Architect.  He is a professional troubleshooter and customer support therapist with a background in adult education.  He has maintained a full POP site solo as Postmaster, Webmaster, Hardware Engineer, Phone Technician, Network Engineer, C++ Programmer, Graphic Artist, and resident NT Guru.  He was the co-developer and Network Architect of MLS enterprise solutions for multiple site installations, in the areas of overall design, user interface, hardware procurement & setup, and graphics content.  He is the Webmaster of this site, and all truths, fallacies, are his responsibility.
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