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Have you ever found yourself staring at a brand new server wondering what to do next?
That's when you need to call us.

We use a fully automated office, and have worked with almost all of the major programs on the market.  Our understanding of how the programs work to get a job done allows us to pass the key methods on to you.  These foundation methods, once understood, will increase your productivity, and allow you to quickly answer questions before they arise as major work stopping issues.
We believe that your relationship with your computer is a personal one, and that no two people use a computer exactly alike.  By learning how you work, we tailor our instruction to enhance your productivity.


One on One attention
We can translate technobabble into English
How to use the manual & help files to their best advantage
How to use built in shortcuts to get results faster
How to understand "the way it works" to get the best results from the best applications

We also will train technicians to provide in house resources for maintaining today's systems.

We are really here to help!

Mailing Address: 3961 Black Oak Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Telephone Voice: 707 235-9365
707 486-8515
Email Contact:
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