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Virtual Domains


We provide a variety of in-house services to support your internet needs:

bulletVirtual Domain Service
As a dedicated hosting facility we have an internet connection bandwidth advantage, there are no bulk dial-up users to rob your site of bandwidth speed.  This means less waiting time for your guests visiting  your site!  Sharing space on our servers  is the most cost effective way for your business to establish an internet presence.
Is it time for your business to grow through e-commerce?  Then it's time for EWhatever. provides full catalog and shopping cart functionality without requiring a knowledge of programming.  Setting up a storefront is easy, and your new storefront keystones into your existing internet domain. 
bulletAs a special introductory offer, receive both a virtual domain with Midnight Engineers, and a storefront with EWhatever at significant savings.  Click Here for details.
bulletDomain Name Parking
If you want to begin setting up a domain but are not sure when you will be ready to publish your genius to the world, then this is the solution for you -- 5 bucks a month cheap.  We will help you register your new domain name, and keep it idle with a coming soon screen until you are ready to present it to the world.  This gives you time while you prepare your sites and services  to present it to the world. 
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